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All along it has been a case of Real Madrid going after Liverpool striker Luis Suarez, and now that Gareth Bale has been unveiled before the Real Madrid faithful the rest of the jigsaw must come together.

It is my belief, and this of course is only speculation that a deal has been in place now for weeks regarding the sale of Liverpool striker Luis Suarez to Real Madrid.

It became evident to me as soon as Arsenal had stopped negotiating for the Uruguayan striker after Wenger was told a deal was already in place to see Suarez move to Madrid for what I expect to be between £45 and £50 million.

This deal could also see Madrid striker Karim Benzema on his way to the Emirates despite what his agent has been saying about him staying in Madrid.

Wenger needs a striker, and I do not think that Demba Ba is ticking all the right boxes for the 63-year-old Frenchman with it more likely that the Senegalese striker will return to Newcastle United.

To further my point yesterday Steven Gerrard brought up the subject of Suarez staying at Anfield, while saying he could understand if he wanted to join a club like Real Madrid, Barcelona or Bayern Munich.

Liverpool have proved that they can win games without Suarez which makes me believe that if the right offer is received Liverpool will cash out and look for bargains come January.