Liverpool FC fans who had Luis Suarez’s name printed on the back of their new 2014/2015 shirts are angry that the club will not refund their money ahead of the Uruguayan strikers £75 million sale to Barcelona.

Club sources have told the Liverpool Echo that no refunds will be made for the shirts should the 27-year-old join Barcelona before the Premier League season kicks off in August.

One father blasted the clubs decision after his eight-year-old son spent £80 of his birthday money on a Luis Suarez shirt.

Joe Brice said: “It now looks extremely likely that he will be sold pre-season, probably to Barcelona.

“I contacted Liverpool to ask if they would be prepared to exchange the shirt for another named player if he is sold.

“Liverpool have refused, should this happen, to exchange the shirt (for one) with the name of a player who’ll actually be playing for them in 2014/15. This represents corporate greed at its very worst.

“They are prepared to make financial gain from Suarez by selling shirts with his name on, despite then selling him and not recompensing those supporters such as my son.”

The club says that they sympathise with Mr. Brice’s position but say the shirts become non-refundable when they are personalised with players names.

Tonight LFC shirts could still be ordered from the club’s website with ‘Suarez’ printed on the back at a cost of £71.