Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers thinks that Manchester City will not be able to handle the pressure as he prepares his Liverpool side for tonight’s match against Crystal Palace as he tells his boys to go out and try and catch up with City’s goal difference advantage.

All City need to do is win their last two games of the season to be crowned champions after beating Everton 1-3 at Goodison Park on Saturday, yet Rodgers feels the intensity of the final weeks pressure could get to City.

Telling the Daily Star: “It is a tough ask for City.

“No matter how it works, at this stage of the season to play three games that really, really matter is a real, real tough ask at this stage of the season.

“Manchester City needs to win all their games which means they will have won five games in a row and they have only done that once this season in the league.

“It will be a wee bit new for them as well. It is certainly not over by a long way.”

Despite City having a nine goal advantage over Liverpool Rodgers has not given up the idea that his team could catch up with City still starting Monday night at Selhurst Park.

He said: “The message to the players is take it to the final day. We have seen so many things happen on the final day before.

“If there is any team that can score goals and turn it around it will be us. There is no question.

“We aim to score goals and be defensively strong.

“I have seen it before. Chelsea beat Wigan 8-0 in the last game of the season a few years ago.

“I am not paying any disrespect to Newcastle at all but what we are saying is if there is a team that has shown it can score goals, it is us.

“We are not a 1-0 team. We showed that at the beginning of the season but what have shown is we can score goals.”

Rodgers also knows his team will face a tough task next season to challenge for the title while also playing in the Champions League using Borussia Dortmund as an example of that saying:

“Of course it will be more difficult next season. We have seen that.

“The season that Borussia Dortmund got to the Champions League final they did not do so well in the league, so it’s harder to balance that.

“It’s why you need the depth in your squad, but I’m very optimistic to keep driving us forward and I see this as a beginning, not just a one off.

“We’ve brought the club back into the reckoning and it’s where we want to stay.”