Despite being knocked out of the Champions League this week by Monaco Arsenal still has the possibility of winning the FA Cup and finishing in the top-four, and many fans like Piers Morgan will question the clubs lack of ambition others will be looking forward to next season after having seen a glimmer of hope in Arsene Wenger’s current squad.

The signing of Alexis Sanchez from Barcelona has proven to be a huge success and we can look forward to him being even better next season along with Mesut Ozil who now at last appears to be settling into life in the Premiership.

Similarly Danny Welbeck has delivered the goods and is another player who should improve for Arsenal next tern as he develops and understanding with the players around him.

Now as we start to think of the 2-15/2016 season leaked photos of clubs new kits start to appear with us having what we think will be Puma’s new offering.