Breaking news for Brendan Rodgers press conference is that a deal to sign Konoplyanka is still on, with James Peace of the Liverpool Echo reporting that if the Reds manage to sign the Ukrainian winger he will sign a contract and undergo a medical in Ukraine.

“It is a little complicated – it has all happened very quickly and obviously the time line on everything is tight,” he explained.

“There is no news yet, there is an interest in the player, but we’ll see how it evolves.

“We have a list of who we want and we’ll see how it develops. It’s not just for now it’s for the future as well.

“I’m happy with the group we have but a new player always freshens up the group and offers more motivation, but if it doesn’t work out we are confident the players we have can do the job we want.”

“We still have some way to go and if we can improve the group then we’ll be pleased, but if not, then I’m more than happy with what we have got.

“We have shown we have a very good side with a strong mentality.

“In terms of where I want us to go and where I want us to be, then we still have some way to go.

“It is a notoriously difficult window to find players in, and we have to think of the future as much as right now.”