The incoming manager says that his aim is for Liverpool to play a style of football that gives them an identity rather than just trying to win trophies.

Despite a poor start to the season taking just 12 points from eight games, the Reds are only three-points off the last Champions League spot, which is currently occupied by Alan Pardew’s Crystal Palace.

While talking to German newspaper Bild Klopp reiterated how ‘humbled’ he felt at having the chance to over a club such as Liverpool.

“I have no idea why the hype is so big,” he said. “I am humbled to have this chance.

“Lots of German coaches have been successful but not many come here. This is a big challenge for me and my coaching team.

“Liverpool have had a period without success and changed managers a lot. Now the hope is for miracles, but progress takes time.

“I had a long conversation [with John Henry]. The aim is to develop a recognisable brand of football.”

Klopp also talked a bit about next January’s transfer window, and if he will try to improve upon the squad of players he has inherited from Brendan Rodgers.

He added: “I am not interested in the money I have to spend in January. It’s only October now. Let’s look at the players who are already here first.”

Liverpool fans have immediately taken to the 48-year-old German, who said after a very impressive press conference he was happy it was over.

“I was relieved after the press conference,” he continued. “I have talked a lot of nonsense in my life – but not in English!

“I had not planned [the ‘Normal One’ quip]. I was asked and it came out. Sometimes it’s better to hold your mouth!

“I have not read a newspaper since the press conference, but I’ve heard they’re already making t-shirts [with my words].