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Juventus chief executive Giuseppe Marotta is of the opinion that star midfielder Paul Pogba could be worth more than 100€ million, which is why despite offers from some of Europe’s top clubs the Italian champions decided to hold on to the 22-year-old in the hope that his value would increase.



The Turin based club has had a strangle hold on Italian football winning Italy’s Serie A for the past four seasons and Marotta thinks that part of the team’s success is due to Pogba, who signed for Juventus in 2012 from Manchester United after failing to gel with then manager Sir Alex Ferguson.



“As we want to win, we have decided to keep hold of a player as important as Pogba, although we have had offers from some very important clubs,” Marotta told a news conference.



“In the future he could be worth more than 100 million euros.”



This season so far at least the club is struggling after losing its first two games as it tries to adapt to the loss of Andrea Pirlo, Carlos Tevez and Arturo Vidal.

The club however was active in trying to replace their departing players, bringing in Paulo Dybala, Mario Mandzukic, Hernanes, Sami Khedira, Alex Sandro and Juan Cuadrado.



“We’ve lost the likes of Pirlo, Tevez and Vidal, three irreplaceable players, against our will and replacing them isn’t easy,” Marotta said.



“Directors, managers and players come and go, but clubs, victories and their successes to come remain.



“It’s difficult to do better than last season as that would mean winning the Champions League, but this new Juventus has quality.



“What we do need to work on is instilling the winning mentality into this new group, because we are Juventus and it’s our duty to win both in the present day and in the future.”



Marotta was critical however of Bundesliga club Schalke 04 after an attempt to sign former Arsenal target midfielder Julian Draxler fell through.



“There has been a difficult dialogue with Schalke, who are a mysterious club,” he said.



“They made a disproportionate request (for Draxler), £26m (36m euros) is an exaggeration and there was also the lack of interest from the player.



“I’m disappointed at the lack of negotiation, not because it did not go through.