Manchester United fans beg to have Jose Mourinho save them from LVG Hell
On phone with Ed Woodward?

The Mourinho to Manchester United saga continues topping the chart among other transfer rumours. The fans and the management seem divided on who is to manage the club next season – the fans desperately want Louis van Gaal to leave the club even if it entails an ex manager of their close rivals, Chelsea, oversees the affairs of the club next season. The board remains silent over the whole issue -much to the chagrin of their fans.

The media are known for misfiring more often than not but they were right on point when they revealed that Jose Mourinho is confident of becoming the next United manager.

Surely, all evidence corroborates the claim since a rather prideful Mourinho should have packed his bags, leaving for a sabbatical or at best managing the affairs of another club but, no, he is not. The Portuguese tactician remains fixed in his London home while he tacitly quips about his availability to his intended employers, Manchester United.

Ed Woodward appears to be walking alone in this move, tossing his car keys as he paces pensively about his sitting room, wondering what the next decision should be. Of course he is confused over the next line of action as regards the managerial decision.

Should they stick with van Gaal for yet another season or invite Mourinho over. That seems to be the source of his migraine.

The current manager hasn’t done badly of late and they have the chance of finishing in the league’s top four if they can win the four games left. Also, the FA Cup is theirs’ for the losing. If they should achieve both then the fans should get used to seeing their current manager for yet another season.