Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has spoken of his desire not only win things for Chelsea now, but to build a dynasty that will see Chelsea football club dominate the world for years to come.

A world class striker is pivotal to that dream and the Portuguese manager insists that he is patient enough to wait until the right man appears.

Mourinho is adamant when he says that the Blues will not be looking to bring in a striker this transfer window and will wait until the time is right. When talking to the Mail on Sunday Mourinho had this to say:

‘We know what we are doing and if we do (something) now we are not doing the right thing,’ the Chelsea manager said.

‘I know that people probably can think ‘what they need is a striker to score 30 goals like (Sergio) Aguero, (Edin) Dzeko, (Luis) Suarez’ and all these guys.

‘But the most important thing for us is not today. The most important thing for us is the perspective of future and doing the right thing.

‘When we do the striker, we do the right thing. And the right thing is not, for sure, now.

‘Normally the market is easier in the summer, more time, more players, more changes. It’s much better.’

Last summer Mourinho had two bids for Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney turned down and with talk that the England striker is set to renew his contract with the Northwest club that would see his salary raise to £300,000 per-week Mourinho must now surely be looking elsewhere for a goalscorer.

Out of the current line-up of strikers Mourinho has to select from Samuel Eto’o, Demba Ba and Fernando Torres, Torres is the youngest at 29-years-old.

“All our three strikers, no-one is the future for 10 years, like we have in other positions,’ Mourinho said.

‘Not one of them is the player for 10 years like (Eden) Hazard or like Willian or (Andre) Schurrle or all these guys.

‘Normally one of these three strikers would be replaced for somebody with this perspective of long term and this perspective of evolution.’

When asked about on-loan striker Romelu Lukaku who is currently knocking them in for Everton Mourinho said: ‘I’m convinced he can be a good player.’

Chelsea’s success over recent years has been attributed to Mourinho when he was in charge of the club from 2004-2007.

Mourinho added: ‘In this moment we still have fantastic players in this team – Frank Lampard, Ashley Cole, John Terry – that don’t belong to the next decade.’

Plenty of the stars of the future will be on display during this summer’s World Cup in brazil and you can be sure to bet that Mourinho will be looking to sign a few for the Chelsea team he is building.