By Iva Finlay

Six years later, after an original trophy-laden spell in west London came to a close, Mourinho is preparing for a second stint at the Chelsea.

Since he left England, the Portuguese coach has tasted Champions League glory with Inter Milan and has won league titles in both Italy and Spain.

Things did not quite work out as planned at Real Madrid, where during his three years stay things did not go as he had planned resulting in him leaving the Santiago Bernabeu, and now with a second shot at Premier League club he thinks he is still on the top of his A-game.

The Special One said:  “The expression is mine that is obvious. When I arrived at Chelsea I said I was special because I had won the Champions League with Porto.

“To be a champion, it’s necessary to have a special talent.

“Being special is working to the maximum of your ability and motivation, being good with yourself in all the challenges you’ve got. And, if possible, winning and being successful many times.

“You’re not special if you don’t win – but I do win!”

And he added: “Maybe I’m not the best coach in the world, but I don’t think there’s a better coach than me.

“I don’t want to be called a legend but I have a great history which is difficult to compare. I consider myself a great coach.

“I’ve had great years but the next ones are always the most important.

“I don’t celebrate winning titles a lot because I never want to think it’s the last one I will win. Anyone who wants to see me playing safe and failing will be disappointed. I think it’s natural that I will win more trophies in my career.”