The deal transfering Paul Pogba from Juventus to Manchester United is finally completed as all sides reached an understanding on Wednesday. The fee is reported to be £108.9m, with £83.8 going to the Italian club and £25.1m going to player’s agent Mino Raiola. Pogba will get a five-year contract with £275,000 per week. The deal should be publicly confirmed before Manchester United’s Community Shield match against Leicester on Sunday.

German sportswear company Adidas benefit twice from this deal and played a big role in the transfer. Adidas recently signed a £750m ten-year deal with Manchester United and also signed a £3m-a-year deal with Pogba.

The Adidas £750m deal made this record transfer fee possible not only because of £75m yearly cash inlfux, as Manchester United are not only expected to sign top players in order to boost shirt sales, but must also qualify for the Champions League this season, otherwise they’d suffer a 30% reduction in the yearly Adidas payment since there’s a clause that says they can’t be missing from the competition two years in a row.

In that light, Pogba is a perfect catch as he brings to the table both shirt sales and football skills that will likely make United a contender in the Champions League again. Jose Mourinho prioritized Paul Pogba as means of adding much-needed dynamism to Man United’s midfield which has been largely unrecognizable way back since the days of Paul Scholes. Bastian Schweinsteiger was brought in last season but failed to make an impact, and now United fans are hoping Pogba will be the new Roy Keane or the new Paul Scholes.

Shirt sales are expected to soar. Manchester United already sold £90m worth of Zlatan Ibrahimović shirts in the first week after his free transfer to the club, and similar numbers are expected in Pogba’s case.