By Tom Finn

In a great video filmed by Arsenal Fan TV presenter Robbie, Claude Tells TY He’s Deluded if he saw anything positive in a match in which the Gunners were 3-0 down to what he called a pub side before halftime.

The argument gets quite heated, and it was not just between the two Arsenal Fan TV regulars either as both pro-Wenger and Wenger out fans clashed outside of the Britannia Stadium following the match leading to the following comments on twitter:

‘Fist fights between Arsenal fans after the game, absolute joke. Disgusting to see our own fans punching each other.’ Mr Savage, via Twitter

‘Fans fighting outside of the Britannia — grown men who support the same team knocking hell out of each other. All started with someone saying if you support Wenger you need a punch. In the car and getting out of here. That will be the last away game I attend.’ India, via Twitter