With Real Madrid said to be interested in Liverpool forward Raheem Sterling the 20-year-old is stalling on signing a new contract in the hope he can get the club to offer him more money.

Former Spurs and QPR manager Harry Redknapp says he should feel ‘lucky’ to be at Anfield and would be making a huge mistake not to sign the generous contract that the Merseyside club has offered him.

While speaking on the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast, Redknapp said: “Sign your contract. You are at a great club, you are playing regularly, you have become an England international, you’re learning the game.

“Have another two or three years of playing as you are now, keep taking your game on and you will get the rewards. The money is there anyway, but you will be up there with the top earners in the world in another two or three years if you keep progressing.

“You are at a fantastic club, one of the best football clubs in the world. You are lucky to be playing at a club like Liverpool. Get your nut down, do your job, and the rewards will keep coming.