Manchester united


Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal is delighted that the feel good factor has returned to Old Trafford following the gloomy days of former manager David Moyes reign at the club.

Van Gaal has brought with him the sunshine and a philosophy of turning Old Trafford into one big social club where everyone can feel good about what they are doing.

“I think there is happiness in the club because we are together working for one goal,” he told the Daily Star.

“We have a very good communication between all the employees in Manchester United and that is very important.

“And we can celebrate parties. Christmas parties and that is also important. We can work but we can also celebrate and that is very good, too.”

Former Striker Andy Cole was the first to spot the change saying: “I spend a lot of time around the club in my ambassadorial role and its plain to see that everyone is happier than they we were a year ago.”

Amid much earlier speculation that Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie did not agree on their roles at the club LVG said: “They have trained together already for six months.

“It is normal that they shall improve. When we are half a year further it should improve even more. I was not worried about egos. They are very special players.

“The attitude of my players is very high and a social standard. And that is very important also because a team sport is a sport between co-operating human beings.

“So you have to be social. And we have a high social standard in the team. The team spirit is stronger.

“I think when you win six times in a row and you draw and you win again then the spirit of course is fantastic. Always where I am, I shall guide and manage the team in a social way of treating each other.

“It is also part of my philosophy but I cannot explain that in one page. It is a lot of pages. If you read my book it is all in there!”