If you are one of those people whose online betting activities are hindered by uncertainty, then news about Maria Gotze’s comments regarding his future should come as a pleasant surprise. For some time now, fans of the Bundesliga have been speculating about Gotze’s future, especially with all the stories that have been swirling through the soccer corridors about the star’s transfer to the premier League.

Now, Gotze has finally put these rumors to rest, coming out and ending speculation regarding his plans for the future by announcing that he would remain with Bayern Munich, at least throughout the coming season.

Premier league fans were, for a while, excited by the prospect of Gotze crossing over. Of all the rumors linking Gotze to English based football clubs, stories about Liverpool were especially popular, though Premier League football fans are generally well known for exaggerating transfers, many times creating relationships between players and football clubs that do not even exist.

In the case of Liverpool, it is difficult to determine whether Gotze was ever actually in talks with them. Rumors of Gotze’s move to the premier league began when the soccer star fell out of favor with Pep Guardiola. Rumors of the Gotze transfer where only fanned by comments from Borussia Dortmund, Gotze’s former club, who said they were more than open to a deal and would take the necessary steps to bring Gotze back home if the opportunity ever presented itself.

Dortmund has indeed stepped up its interest in Gotze in recent days and weeks. It didn’t help that, just a few days ago, the Germany Boss (Joachim Low) threw his hat into the debate, suggesting that Gotze would, in fact, benefit greatly from a transfer to Dortmund.

Not that it even matters now. The 23-year-old football player admitted to Bild that he had no intention of leaving the Allianz Arena. Whether or not this was merely a recent decision or something he determined a long time ago and only recently decided to share his mindset with his fans, Gotze was clearly excited to begin the fight to win big under the command of incoming coach Carlo Ancelotti.

The young player is already at work, putting his body through training and doing everything in his power to prepare for his first session with Carlo Ancelotti.

Gotze and Ancelotti met last week to iron out the details of Gotze’s future, with the pair strongly downplaying the idea that Ancelotti had encouraged him to seek out a new club.

Confirmation of Gotze’s stay comes after the player ended his relationship with Sports Total Agency, an organization representing the likes of Toni Kroos and Marco Reus. News of the termination of this partnership was announced by Volker Struth, the company’s CEO, on Sports Total’s official website.

Gotze has now partnered with a new agent, Doctor Peter Duvinage, based in Munich and who also represents Holger Badstuber. Gotze’s contract will keep him at the club until 2017. The player’s contract hasn’t been renewed since he joined the club in 2014.

This previous season hasn’t been easy for Gotze, who was sidelined for several months.