Goalkeepers SILENCE has Manchester United FRUSTRATED



Manchester United officials are becoming extremely frustrated with Spanish goalkeeper David De Gea’s refusal to give them any hint as to whether or not he is willing to sign a new contract and remain at Old Trafford.

The 24-year-old Spanish international is being heavily linked with a move back to his hometown club Real Madrid, and yet despite offering him a very lucrative deal to stay at the club they have no idea as to what he is thinking.

There has also been talk of a deal involving De Gea as part of a deal that will bring Gareth Bale to Manchester , but the club has come and said they are two completely separate situations and that a player plus cash deal would not happen.

The Daily Mail’s north-west football correspondent Ian Ladyman had this to say about the situation.

“Bale and De Gea are two separate subjects as far as Manchester United are concerned and that’s the way they would like to keep it,” he said.

“They are desperate to make sure De Gea doesn’t become part of a Bale move, they are not interested in offering their goalkeeper in part exchange for Bale.

“With De Gea, they obviously want to keep him; they are offering him a lot of money. They also understand why he might want to leave; they are not stupid at Manchester United.

“What is frustrating United at the moment is that De Gea has given them absolutely no indication about what he might want to do.

“They haven’t got a clue because he clearly hasn’t made his mind up. There comes a time, though, when there has to be a date when they say ‘David we need this decision now.”

“With Bale it’s slightly less complicated,” Ladyman added. “United would like to sign him but they don’t know if Bale will be the marquee signing Real decide to sell this summer.

“We all know Madrid sell a big-name player every summer. If it is Bale, United will be involved.

“What people are saying privately is that the money is there not only for Bale, but for a whole lot of players as well.

“That’s good news for Van Gaal because he wouldn’t want to go into the summer choosing between transfer targets.

“United are saying to him ‘buy your players, do what you want to do and if other players become available we’ll buy them as well.”