Juventus to go after Giroud while Wenger looks for a new striker in Ligue 2

“I am someone who wants to play every minute of every match so maybe when I’m not starting, it’s hard to take.”

When this week, Daniel Sturridge was said to have made the above quote, many reports claim there is a chance Sturridge could leave Liverpool this summer. This news had angered Liverpool fans who felt the Englishman if he leaves would have acted ungrateful to the club who have stood behind him during his prolong period of injuries.

Wenger is however prepared to make Liverpool fans more angry. This is as various reports in the English media this morning claim the Frenchman is preparing a £30 million bid for Daniel Sturridge. Wenger is said to be in the market this summer in search for a world class striker and sees the Liverpool striker as a cheaper option to the likes of Higuain, Lewandowski and Morata who the Gunners have been linked with.

Daniel Sturridge is certainly a good striker and in my humble opinion, if he can stay fit, he will be up there with the likes of Higuain and Lewandowski. Unfortunately judging by his past, he has never managed to stay fit and another injury prone player is never going to go down well with Arsenal fans.

Also, just like the Luis Suarez chase of those years, Wenger putting all Arsenal’s striker hope on Sturridge will mean the Gunners have a good chance of ending yet another transfer window without having signed the striker they so needed. This is because Liverpool are certainly not going to let Sturridge leave unless a crazy offer is made or the player forces a move which is not likely.

Sturridge may like Robin Van Persie overocme his injuries woes and come good, but it is 50%/50% and Arsenal fans will hope Wenger knows this.