By Iva Finlay

Real Madrid wants to wait for their new coach to be appointed before making any moves in the transfer market.

President of Real Madrid, Florentino Perez is known for his admiration of the player the fans call the Welsh wizard Garath Bale, and admitted that the club would have no problem paying what is needed in order to get him to leave Spurs.

The general thinking is that Spurs would demand £85million for the Welshman, but Perez insists that big money buys, such as Bale, pay for themselves.

Perez told Marca: “Madrid always wants the best. Tottenham is a very amicable club, but first we must see who our new coach will be and after that we will begin to arrange our new squad,”

“I think the same as if we were to have a tennis team and Rafael Nadal asked me for these millions. For players like this – the investment they generate you and the revenue they produce, you can give everything to try and get them.

“I demonstrated in 2000 that with players like this you can change the dynamics, going from losing to winning.

“Then you have to look carefully at the player involved. We are not going to talk too much about Bale because he plays at a great club who we are on good terms with, and they will be annoyed by too much talk about him I know their chairman well and he doesn’t like things like that.

“But I repeat, we have a long list, but there will be one particular player, of course.”

At the same time Arsenal and Juventus are opening talks with Madrid striker Gonzalo Higuain, with Perez  warning clubs that if they are interested they will not get Higuain on the cheap.

“To date no team has told us of their interest in Higuain, but I do not know what will happen tomorrow,”

On Higuain reported fee of £25million, he said: “With £25million it’s better that they don’t come.

“Let’s see if people ask us for £50m for everyone and we sell one of ours for half that.”