By Iva Finlay

Bale is one of the hottest properties in football, following a superb season with Spurs.

Real Madrid are high up on the list of admirers and are ready to launch a summer transfer raid for the 23-year-old, but Tim Sherwood said the youngster is staying at Tottenham.

He said: “He’s fantastically happy at Tottenham,”

“I see him around the training ground every day, he’s got a good working relationship with the manager and he loves his team-mates. They show him the respect that he deserves and he gives it back to them.

“I don’t see him banging the door down trying to get a move. I believe one million per cent he will stay at Tottenham.”

Sherwood believes Tottenham is the perfect place for Bale.

“It’s crucial for all teams when you’re at the level of the league that we are, pushing for Champions League football, that players like Gareth Bale stay at your club,” he continued.

“There will be a lot of clubs wanting to take Gareth [Bale] but he’s 23-years-old and fortunately for Gareth and Tottenham, he’s got good advisors.

“They know that it’s not a flash in the pan, that he’s got built in quality. Next year he will be exactly the same. There’s time for him to go overseas or to another Premier League club but I think he needs to stay here.

“He’s developing fantastically well, he just needs to put a level of consistency in his performance over a few seasons. He’s already shown he can do it week-to-week, he needs to kick on next year and produce the same quality that he has this year.

“The opportunities will arise for him in the future if he wants to go over there.”