Former Manchester United Player Admits Arsenal Star was his Idol


Former Manchester United striker Danny Welbeck has admitted he grew up idolising Arsenal legend Thierry Henry.

After having been deemed surplus to requirements by new boss Louis van Gaal the 24-year-old England forward was sold to Arsenal for £18 million after having already 142 appearances for the club he joined as a boy he was pushed aside in favour of Colombian Striker Radamel Falcao.

Welbeck admits he grew up a United supporter joining the club while still only eight-years-old, but admits his real Idol was Gunners striker Thierry Henry.

‘It was hard because I was a United fan and we were playing against Arsenal, but it’s hard not to like Thierry Henry,’ said Welbeck.

‘That’s what was so special about him – fans from other teams had to love him because he was that good. At the time all the kids around my area liked Thierry Henry.

‘When I was watching the Premier League on TV I was seeing what Thierry Henry was doing and it’s just something that you can’t look away from. From them on, I enjoyed watching the way he played.

‘I just loved the way he played, the way he scored goals, the way he played with the team. It was great and it’s the same with Ryan Giggs, I loved watching him for Manchester United.”