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According to reports former Arsenal star Cesc Fabregas is responsible for a mini-player revolt at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho appears to be repeating the mistake he made at Real Madrid following a run in with Spanish international goalkeeper Iker Casillas, and now has a mini-revolt in his dressing room at Chelsea, with one top player apparently saying he would rather lose than win playing for the Portuguese manager.

And now according to The Secret Footballer, Mourinho is also facing a new revolt led by Fabregas who is fed up having to play the non-creative defensive football that helped the Blues to win last season’s Premier League.

Now depending on who you listen to Mourinho has already been sacked or his on his final-legs depending on the result against Stoke City at the weekend, but truth be told if he has lost the respect of his players it will not take long for owner Roman Abramovich to wield the axe.