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Sunday Times reporter Duncan Castles is claiming that Radamel Falcao could end up costing Manchester United a whopping £25 million, before going on to say that club record signing Angel Di Maria wants out and is ready to leave during the summer.

The deal United had in place for Falcao with Monaco was supposed to be ten million euros for a season long loan, but these costs have soared “once after tax wages and other expenses were factored in “with the real cost being closer to 35€ million.

For some time we have known that United would not be taking up their option on the Colombian striker, but the news that Di Maria wants out after just one season comes as a shock even though the £59.7 million Argentinian has failed to live up to the clubs expectations, with French giants Paris Saint-Germain seen as a possible destination.

You can read a copy of the Times article below.

manchester united