Arsenal FA Cup hero Alexis Sanchez has been involved in a dressing room bust up with his Chilean international teammate Marcelo Diaz following the South American’s 1-0 over El Salvador.

The argument apparently kicked off following the Arsenal player telling the countries normal free kick player to step aside and let him take the shot.

This apparently boiled over following the match with a source in the dressing room saying: “Sanchez squared up to Diaz, shouting at him for not giving him the ball.

“[Diaz] shouted back; he told him to let everyone else play and not be so greedy.”

According to El Mercurio Sanchez was also criticised by Diaz for missing a training session.

Everything now has apparently been smoothed over, after being asked about what had happened Sanchez said: “We’re all good. It was an exchange of opinions, like [the media] loves, it’s normal.

“Everything’s sorted, there’s no fight and we are all calm, they’re things that happen in a match.”