If reports in the media this week are true, Chelsea will be give a hefty £72.1m offer by two unnamed Chinese clubs for the signature of Diego Costa. The fee will be an Asia record and will amount to a significant profit for Chelsea who only two summers ago bought Diego Costa for £32 million.

According to the reports, the Chinese club will attempt to convince Costa by offering him more than double of his current £4m-after-tax-salary and according to the reports by the Times, Costa and his representatives are seriously considering the offer from the two Chinese clubs.

Having scored 11 goals this season, Chelsea may think they can do away with Costa especially when they will be making such a significant amount of money as profit and I honestly think Costa should be sold if an offer of £72.1m is made for him.

For such a ridiculous amount, Chelsea can bring in another striker who won’t spend more time suspended than actually playing for the team and someone who is way better. For Less than half of that amount, Chelsea can sign Cavani for Instead. Griezmann is another player Chelsea can sign as Costa’s replacement and there will be money left to reinvest on a second striker or other areas of the team.

If the Blues can’t get either of Griezmann or Cavani, Romelu Lukaku can be gotten and he is surely better than Costa and less erratic too. Football whether the fans like it or not is business and turning down £72.1m offer for a controversial player such as Costa will make absolutely no sense.