Wounded Warriors set to return for Arsenal

In a news that will divide opinion among Arsenal’s fanbase, Wenger is set to give Jack Wilshere another contract. According to Football insider who have a 100% record with their reportage of Arsenal insider stories, Jack Wilshere will be given a five years contract that will see him earn €141,000-a-week.

No one should ordinarily complain about this news but the problem is, Jack Wilshere has been constantly injured and missing the bulk of Arsenal matches in the last three years. This season so far, he has only played 12 minutes in all competition.

Why then does he deserve another contract? The Englishman is no doubt a good player when fit but the problem is, in the last five years, he has rarely been fit and there is a real chance that he will not fulfill his massive potential.

Your got to admire Wenger’s loyalty but this season has shown that misplaced loyalty is one of Wenger’s greatest problem. The Frenchman has been loyal to the likes of Theo Walcott, Olivier Giroud and the likes who have all let him down. Same loyalty was extended to Abou Diaby who has now left the club but what did Arsenal as a club get in return? Wastage of wages.

Personally, I want Wilshere to remain at Arsenal and become a legend but we need to exercise caution before rewarding him another contract for doing NOTHING.