It’s D-Day for Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers this afternoon, knowing that a loss to Everton in the Merseyside derby could tip the owners over the edge and fire the Northern Irishman before things can get any worse, and to be honest should they actually pull the trigger and sack the 42-year-old, a large percentage of the fans will applaud the move having gotten fed up with Rodgers inability to produce a team to compete with the best of the Premiership.



Waiting in the wings are Carlo Ancelotti and Jürgen Klopp, both proven managers that the fans will be happy to get behind and support should the Fenway Sports group decide to ditch Rodgers.



Even Ajax manager Frank de Boer has thrown his hat in the ring, when saying recently that taking over a team in the English Premiership appealed to him, meaning that John Henry and Tom Warner would not be short of options should they decide to cut Rodgers lose.



A win at Goodison Park this afternoon would go a long way in giving Rodgers more time, but a loss and then a match against Tottenham after the international break could spell the end of Rodgers time at Anfield.