Chelsea are now after Suarez having given up on Cavani

Soccer fans in Sweden must be completely crazy going so far as to organize a street fight with each other, and just to make it fair was arranged to take place on neutral ground which in this case was another country Sweden’s neighbor Denmark.
According to the rules only kicking and punching were allowed, and that once a combatant went to ground he was not to be set upon by rivals with the team left standing with the most men to be declared the winners.
The fight took place a few days ago on a quiet rural road just outside the Danish capital Copenhagen between hardcore supporters of Gothenburg club GAIS and rivals Helsingborg.
In the video you can see the GAIS Ultra’s arriving ready for battle with their hands all wrapped up to take on the red-shirted-Helsingborg hooligans who according to my take on the video came out the winners.
Despite being a very violent video the groups met at the end of the brawl before going their separate ways.
While I do not condone this kind of behavior it is a much better way to settle you differences than having running battles in city centers that we witnessed in England during the 1970’s.