Multi-millionaire professional footballers are just like the rest of us claim the Daily Mail saying they drive the same roads we do, get annoyed in traffic and punch buses to show their frustration.

Well this is what Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas does when he suffers from road rage when suffering an altercation with the number 93 bus on Putney Bridge.

Bus drive Martin Hughes beeped the horn at the Chelsea star after the footballer allegedly cut him off while driving his Aston Martin Vanquish, and got out of his cab to have a word with the former Arsenal man.

The bus driver however claims that Fabregas started to swear at him before speeding off, only to then get out and punch the buses windscreen.

Mr Hughes then says he told the Blues midfielder that the entire episode had been filmed by the buses on-board camera before proceeding to tell Fabregas what he thought of him saying: ‘I know you and I’ve got it all on camera – and by the way you are a s*** footballer,’ he said.

Hughes went on to say that the bus had no damage, but that he had reported the incident to his superiors.