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Ask any neutral football supporter if given the choice of having to watch Chelsea or Arsenal which one they would prefer, nine out of ten would chose Arsenal for their style of entertaining attacking football.

Following Chelsea’s 3-1 loss to Southampton Saints boss Ronald Koeman is taunting Mourinho by telling him Chelsea must play more like Arsenal.

While being known for his cautious approach to games, Mourinho does have the CV to back up the reason as to why his teams play the type of football they do.

Speaking following Southampton’s win Koeman said:”Chelsea prefer to defend when attacking is also an option. Mourinho always chooses to defend.

“Even if his team goes 1-0 up, they would rather defend their lead than try to score more goals.

“Yet Arsenal can kill an opponent. That is why their victory against Manchester United was so impressive. Attacking-wise, they completely destroyed United.

“For 20 minutes, they played the most fantastic football, while Chelsea do the opposite thing.

“By defending, Chelsea give their opponent a chance to come back in the game.

“It was a shame that Mourinho was putting attention on the referee after we beat them.”