Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has already made it clear that he wants Wayne Rooney at Stamford Bridge before the start of the season, and after having a first bid of £20 million rejected by United are prepared to go back in with an increased offer of £30 million, but will wait until the United striker has played in a testimonial for teammate Rio Ferdinand next week in the hope that Rooney receives a hostile welcome from the crowd.

Manchester United for their part has made it clear that they have no intention of selling their England international, especially if it is to a rival Premiership club.

Talks will be held soon between Manchester United manager David Moyes who is flying back today from Hong Kong following United’s 5-2 win over FC Kitchee and Wayne Rooney who has been spotted on holiday in Portugal.

Moyes is blaming the disagreement between the pair on a misinterpretation when he implied that Rooney would be a backup for Robin van Persie, something he wants to clear up with Rooney, and explain how he will play the pair together.

Rooney’s other grievance is that former manager Sir Alex Ferguson who benched Rooney at the end of last season following a falling out is still ever present at the club as a director.

This saga should be very interesting in the way it plays out, with me watching for Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho to stir the pot a little more each time he goes before the cameras and is asked about Rooney.