Chelsea, Liverpool, and Manchester United Striker Target wants £150k per-week in wages


Aston Villa striker Christian Benteke apparently has made plans for what he expects to be paid should he leave the Midlands club this summer.

Currently the 24-year-old earns £60,000 per-week with the Belgium international expecting to more than double his wage to £150,000 per-week at his new club.

This means that based on his buyout clause that manager Tim Sherman said is £32.5 million any new club he went to would be looking at spending £70 million over a four-year contract.

This new wage demand is hardly likely to put off any of the big clubs that are interested with Liverpool reportedly in the driver’s seat according to the Daily Star who also note that Arsenal, Manchester United and even champions Chelsea are keeping a close eye on developments.

Villa meanwhile may consider offering Benteke a pay raise, but our money is on him playing for a different Premier League side next season.