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You have heard the expression never give a sucker an even break! Well that is what Chelsea did when they sold Petr Cech to Arsenal, and it could very well come back to bite them in the arse next season.

Manager Jose will once more be proven right, when he said if it was up to him Cech would never be allowed to join a Premiership rival, but that is exactly what club owner Roman Abramovic has done allowing Cech not only to move to a close rival but to a club that will have no impact on Cech and his family as the only thing he has to do different is drive another way to work each day.

As Cech said yesterday he still has that burning desire to succeed and could be the catalyst Arsenal needs to help win the Premiership, and while we can applaud Abramovic for allowing Cech to join Arsenal after giving Chelsea 11 years of loyal service we still think that it could prove to be a huge mistake.