Chelsea boss plays favourites with the media


A mischievous Jose Mourinho says he is always happy to give interviews to the BBC because their reporters do not suggest that players should be banned.

This was after the Portuguese manager had refused told hold any press conferences following striker Diego Costa being banned for three matches for violent conduct.

This was clearly aimed at Sky Sports football pundit Jamie Redknapp who after the stamping incident with Diego Costa and Emre Can, that Costa should have seen Red and that if he was the manger of Manchester City he would be straight down to the FA headquarters with a video showing that Costa deliberately stamped on the Liverpool players ankle.

“I don’t know what you understand by a stamp,” said Mourinho. “Maybe you are already influenced by the campaign on the television with the certain pundits saying that Costa has crimes – they must be nuts the guy who says that. I saw the incident and about the penalty I didn’t speak. If I comment about that I will be in trouble.

“Sky calls it a crime, I have to say that it was absolutely accidental. He goes to the ball, he chases it, the opponent goes to the floor and he puts his foot there when he is looking at the ball.

“It is a great campaign, we know how much that pundit loves Chelsea and particularly loves me. When you are there and you are paid, and you are very well paid, much more than some managers that have to put their ass for 90 minutes every week on the bench. You have a very good seat, very good money, no pressure. They are always right, they never lose, they always win and they have to be fair and they have to be honest.”

Mourinho was speaking to BBC Sport’s Ivan Gaskell following Chelsea’s 2-1 victory over Aston Villa.