Chelsea, Arsenal


Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is saying that Cesc Fabregas never had any intention of re-joining his former club Arsenal while also talking about the Jack Wilshere smoking controversy.

As we start to look ahead to the upcoming season Blues boss Jose Mourinho has started his mind games already having a double dig at Arsenal by first claiming that Fabregas had no intention of ever returning to his former club, and that fact it only took him 20 minutes to convince him to sign for Chelsea, while also saying that Wilshere is failing “millions” of kids in the Arsenal fan base after having been photographed smoking while in Las Vegas.

The special one was speaking as an ambassador for TV channel BT Sport, and what he said was carried in the British tabloid newspaper the Daily Mirror.

“I spoke with him 20 minutes.” said the Chelsea manager, “I think he really wanted to come to us.

“As you know Arsenal had an option to interfere. But I think he was not open for that, I think he was very much in our direction so it was an easy job for me.”

Regarding Wilshere smoking Mourinho actually sided with Wenger saying: “What football players do, millions and millions are watching, lots of kids are watching.

“I’m not a specialist obviously but I don’t think if a football player smokes one cigar or cigarette with friends in the summer when he is not training – I don’t think it affects his performance.

“What gets affected is that a kid at home says if a top football player can smoke then I can smoke and it is not a problem.

“It is more a social consequence than a physical consequence.

“Being angry is not a solution but I would just explain exactly that, that everything they do or wear is part of the kids’ life.

“If they smoke, maybe the kids think they do it a lot of times and they will probably do the same.”

The Blues boss also thinks that a top four finish this season will be even harder than last, while warning that his team were ready to challenge for the title.

“I have to say my club did a fantastic job, and not just because of what we brought, but because we did it in almost record time.

“The transfer market closes 31 August and we close our market on July 19. We finished the market today.

“The club did fantastic. We knew the targets; we knew the players and the club attacked them and their clubs at a very early stage.

“We got exactly what we need and what we want. The squad is one which I like very much and I look forward to starting the season.

“We feel that our squad is what we want. We don’t want a squad of only finished products.

“We also want to bring to the first team, three or four under-21’s. We are going to develop players and we are happy with this balance we have.”

He went on: “At this moment, I think in between us, Liverpool, Arsenal, Man United, Man City – who is going to be first, who is going to play in the Europa League, I don’t know.

“Last year, if you had asked me in July, I would never said Man United would be outside the top four.

“This season I will tell you one and I have a big percentage of making a mistake.

“There were good teams last season and there will be better teams this season because everyone is investing.”

“A few years ago you make a team to be champions and most probably you are champions.

“Now if you make a team to be champions, you try to finish in the top four.”