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Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has confirmed that he will sign a striker this summer and that it could be Radamel Falcao.

The Blues manager also went on to say that teams who focus on possession rather than counter attacking football are “stupid”.

Chelsea had to listen to plenty of criticism for the way they won the title playing defensive football hoping to beat their opponents on the break that got them dubbed as being boring, and especially so following the match against Arsenal.

“There is no new generation (of managers),” Mourinho told the Sunday Times.

“What it is, is people who got some idea, some philosophy, and want to create something like, ‘we build very well from the back, we have a very good ball possession, we don’t play counter-attack’.

“But if you don’t play counter-attack then it’s because you are stupid. Counter-attack is a fantastic item of football, an ammunition that you have, and when you find your opponent unbalanced you have a fantastic moment to score a goal.

“So I think people are creating (illusions) and it has influenced public opinion. But football will never change. Football is to win.”

When asked if Chelsea would sign a striker Mourinho said: “We lost a striker who scored four goals in the Premier League, but three of these goals meant important points for us. So we have to buy a striker because we want to have three strikers of a good level.”