Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has hit out at greedy parents and football agents who demand too much for their children.



The Portuguese manager has told his Chelsea youngsters that they must remain patient, but that they will at the end of the day get to play for the Premier League champions.



The last player of any note to rise up from the clubs academy and make it big is Blues defender John Terry, leading to criticism that Chelsea fails to give its youngsters first team opportunities.



Saying this however now the title race is over Mourinho will start Ruben Loftus-Cheek, Izzy Brown and Nathan Ake against West Bromwich Albion tonight and insists next season will see even more young talent break through.



He said: “It’s the most difficult thing in modern football, because of the agents and the parents.



“When the players are almost there and in the process of being almost there, they think they are already there.



“They make the players think they have arrived when they haven’t. They think about money before the career starts, and everything gets very, very confused.



“That doesn’t help the players. They need stability. It’s not the case, but imagine Ruben’s family or agent pushing the kid to go. The kid has to go on loan… imagine that picture. That’s not what he needs.



“In this moment, he needs stability. He played against Liverpool. He’s going to play against West Bromwich. Next season he starts with us and is stable because he’s part of the squad.



“He’s not trying to win a position in it. He’s part of it. He’s not going on loan and knows that. They need that kind of stability, unless they play in very small clubs when, at 17 or 18, they go direct in the first-team.



“But to be in a big team and reach the level to be playing regularly for the first-team, you need time and stability. We try to give that to our boys.”



When asked to elaborate on the crazy demands made by parents and agents Mourinho added: “Without naming names, I’d have to write a book.”



The Chelsea boss went on to say how excited he was at some of the academy players being on the edge of breaking through to the first-team adding: “I’m excited. But I keep emotional control. If I don’t, I’d lose the players or help them go the wrong way. But yes I am excited.”



Meanwhile Chelsea does not have the best reputation of promoting through the ranks, but Mourinho insists that it is changing Saying:”It’s changing. It’s changing.



“Academies are a process. The process starts with the facilities, but doesn’t end with the facilities. It ends with the co-operation between the academy and the first-team area. In this moment we are working well.



“The players feel it. We know we are going in the right direction. The players also know, and they trust us and know what we do is the best for them.”