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Turkish attacking midfielder Arda Turan is on the summer wish list of several Premier League manager s, and is apparently ready to leave Atletico Madrid after three-years of loyal service.



The reason for his apparent decision to leave has nothing to do with personal ambition, but according to Marca is because trainer Diego Simeone makes his team run too much.



Not blessed with the talents of players such as Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, Argentinian trainer Diego Simeone feels that the only way Atletico can compete with Real Madrid and Barcelona is to make his player work harder by running their socks off.



Now according to Marca Turan wants to join a club where he does not have to run so much, and is freed from the constant defensive duties he has to perform at the Vincent Cauldron.



The irony here is that if Manchester United or Chelsea were to buy him, he would probably end up working much harder than he ever did in Spain, where watching a La Liga match appears to be a stroll in the park compared to the Premiership.