manchester united, arsenal


Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal has made it clear that his main priority in his first season with the club it to get them back into the Champions League, and that he would take that over winning the FA Cup.

Meanwhile Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is in the same position as the Dutchman ahead of the two team’s quarter-final FA Cup showdown at Old Trafford on Monday night.

And while both teams would love to add something to their trophy case, the financial importance of being in the Champions League trumps everything else.

When speaking to reporters this week, LVG made it clear where his priorities are saying: “Of course, as a manager you always want to win things.”

“I am no different and I can tell you that we shall do our best against Arsenal, but I also say this: My target at the start of this season was to finish in the top four and that is still my target. If I have a priority, then it is the top four.

“The Arsenal game is very important. Every match you play has an influence on the next match. We are in a rat race in the Premier League and whoever wins the FA Cup game has a good feeling for the next matches.

“I think that Arsene Wenger is right — I think that Arsene Wenger is always saying right things — for a club, Champions League is the highest level and that’s why he’s saying that.

“To finish in the first four is a fantastic result and for us at Manchester United even more I think. If you win the FA Cup you are not in the Champions League but you have won a title.”