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Former Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas is ready for Sundays Community Shield match between Premiership winners Chelsea and FA Cup winners Arsenal, and is desperate for the Blues to race out of the blocks ahead of the new season.



And while the 28-year-old former Gunner knows that he will be a target of abuse from the Arsenal fans he says nothing will ever take away the fond memories he has from the eight years he spent in north London.



“Whatever it is, it is,” he said. “The love I have for that club will never change whatever happens and what is the most important are the memories I have with me from them.



“The rest doesn’t matter, I have great memories, love and respect for the club. You will never hear anything bad from me about them.



“Of course, it is not the most important game but we want to win and compete. It is a big game, a London derby at Wembley in front of all the fans.



“It’s a nice competition to play in – even if it is a pre-season game you still want to win. We are not worried that they might be fresher than us, they started 10 days before us, but we are competitors, we will want to win and will probably be a great game.”