By Iva Finlay

Manchester United is very keen to see Fabregas move back to Premiere League, but ex-Arsenal midfielder insists he will only leave Barca if they tell him he is not wanted.

In two good seasons Fabregas scored 20 goals in 60 league starts for Barcelona, however, with arrival of Neymar it has been indicated that Cesc can find himself on sidelines even more.

This news of course encourages Premier league sides to concider the 26-years old for their midfield.

When asked about him being linked with move to England Fabregas said: “I have not opened my mouth once,”

“It has taken a lot for me to get where I am and I am not thinking about throwing it all away for nothing.

“If they (Barcelona) said that they didn’t want me that would be another thing, what I really want is to triumph at Barca, which has been my dream since I was small.

“The important thing in life is to accept the good and also bad moments when they happen.

“If they (the crowd) whistle me I have to accept it. I am the first person that knew it would be the biggest challenge of my life (to play at Barcelona). I only want to play. Barca is my home, I have always dreamed of triumphing here.

“Up until now everything has gone well. The important thing is to work and work so that you enjoy it more than you don’t.”