Gerardo Martino is now officially been named as the new manager of Barcelona after signing a two-year contract replacing Tito Vilanova as the Catalan giants new manager.

The first point of business for Nou Camps new boss was to let Manchester United and any other interested club know that there is no chance of Cesc Fabregas going anywhere.

Despite Manchester United manager David Moyes saying yesterday that discussions were ongoing Martino made it plain that United are wasting their time saying: : “I’m not going to get into the economic interests but, if the club rejected it twice, I add a third one right now.

“He will be staying here.”

Barcelona vice president Josep Maria Bartomeu added: “It’s logical that we’ve had offers for Fabregas because he is a quality player but he is not for sale.

“We are proud to have him here. It doesn’t matter what the offer from United is, we are counting on him.

“It is normal that many clubs are interested in our player Cesc. That is a source of pride for us, but we’ll reject all bids.”

When talking about what he would like to do with Barcelona Martino said: “Every side, even Barcelona which has already achieved certain moments of excellence, can always improve, and Barca still has things to win.

“We are going to try to recover certain things that we’ve seen when Barca have been at their best, and add a few ideas of our own.”