Bundesliga Star Plots his Chelsea REVEGE


Bundesliga star Kevin De Bruyne has had a go at Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho for never really explaining why he was not given a chance to play while at Stamford Bridge, at the same time hinting that a move back to the Premiership could be on the cards.

The Belgium star made just a handful of appearances for Chelsea before being shipped out on loan to Wolfsburg just six months after Jose Mourinho took over at Chelsea for the second time, and immediately became a hit for the Germans who snapped him up in a permanent move watching the youngster score ten goals while providing a massive 20 assists.

This display by the 23-year-old impressed Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal so much that he wants to bring Kevin De Bruyne back to the Premiership and hopefully allow him to get his revenge on the manager who had no faith in him.

‘I still don’t understand why Mourinho let me leave. I never discussed it with him. I started to play and then it was finished,’ said the Bundesliga star.

‘After four months, I asked him to leave. I didn’t want to stay at a club where I wasn’t even playing for ten minutes. He said it was my attitude in training? It’s an excuse he can use.

When asked if a move was on the cards, the 23-year-old replied: ‘If I leave, I have no preference where I go. But England, Spain, France or the Bundesliga, yes.

‘They are the best leagues. There are some very good teams.’