BT Sport has decided to give up post match interviews outside of grounds after Gooners continually interrupted the broadcast with foul language according to the Daily Mail.

BT Sport presenter Jake Humphrey was forced to make an on air apology after Arsenal fans were heard saying the word F**king eight times following Arsenals 2-1 FA Cup win over Liverpool back on February 16th.

The BT man said to viewers: “Apologies for some of the words being used there by the Arsenal fans. What they’re chanting now is an awful lot better.”

The incident at the Emirates has now forced BT to alter their plans and abandon post match interviews outside grounds that they had hoped would bring something new to football.

After having been summoned by television watchdog Ofcom, the sports broadcaster will now only conduct interviews at grounds where the chance of foul language being used is greatly reduced.

In response to the regulators comments regarding the foul language BT said that their presenter had made an on air apology and that it was difficult to cut away from offensive language outside of football grounds.

This new approach was one way BT had hoped they could cut into Sky’s domination of football coverage in the U.K.