Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers is of the belief that he will still be in charge at Anfield next season saying that he is “150 per cent” confident he will be at Liverpool.

Despite a poor season the Northern Irishman thinks that he has improved as a manger and will continue to do so as he plots Liverpool’s desire to be one of Europe’s top clubs once more.

Following the Reds final game against Stoke on Sunday he will be asked by the owners to produce a final report on the season describing what can be done to improve the club moving forward and why he did not achieve the desired top-four finish this past campaign.

When asked if he thought the money men in Boston would stick with him for another season Rodgers said: “Yeah, yeah. 150 per cent.

“I think you evolve as a manager. Certainly the experiences of this year will make me better. We have been clear with the identity of how we want to play since I’ve been here and obviously it hasn’t quite worked out this season as I would have liked.

“But going forward, I repeat, I will be a better manager for the experiences and hopefully go on next year to be more consistent and we can win more games than we have.”

Next week Rodger will sit down with the man who runs Anfield from behind the scenes, director Mike Gordon to review the clubs performance both on and off the pitch before meeting with principle owners Tom Warner and John Henry.

One point of contention could be the clubs transfer committee that did anything but a stellar job with the money they spent last summer on new signings.

“There is probably a lot more made of that than what it actually is – there have been a number of reviews,” he said. “Throughout the season I’ve had great communication with the owners. I’ll speak with them at the end of the season – like I did last year, like I did at the end of my first year, and like I’ve done intermittently throughout the season. There is no Great Big Review.”

Rodgers job appears safe for now, but the owners will want to hear what changes he plans to make this summer so that Liverpool can challenge for a top-four finish next season.