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Manchester United Starker target Thomas Muller has admitted he is tempted to leave Bayern Munich for the big money the Premiership has to offer, but has so far at least resisted Manchester United’s offer to get him to move to England.

United reportedly offered Bayern Munich a huge sum of money for the 26-year-old last summer, but the Bavarians stood firm refusing to do any more business with Ed Woodward after having already agreeing to sell Bastian Schweinsteiger.

Speaking in an interview with German paper Welt am Sonntag, Muller reminded everyone one that football was also just a job and that he would be stupid not to consider all offers.

‘In the end, we should not forget that playing football is our job.


“So people should accept that wages will always play a role in a player’s decision-making. Of course, the wages that are being paid in the Premier League are very tempting. It would be hypocrisy to deny that.


“You have to look at the complete package to determine whether something is right for you. What’s good for you one day will not necessarily still be good for you the day after.


“I know that a lot of German clubs are unhappy with the Premier League clubs’ spending, but I think it is something good for all clubs in the end. It can only be a good thing for football when clubs invest so much money.”