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Bayern Munich fans plan to boycott the first five minutes of their Champions League Group F match with Arsenal next Tuesday at the Emirates in a display of fan solidarity at the “excessive and impossible” ticket prices around Europe.

The cheapest match ticket for fans traveling from Germany to watch the match is £64 rising to £70 when you add in postal charges.

Bayern Worldwide (FCBWWW) says these prices “make a stadium visit impossible for younger and socially disadvantaged fans” and “destroys fan culture, which is the basis of football”.

Via a statement on Facebook, the group said: “The first five minutes of the game in London will be what future football will look like if this madness continues; empty seats in the stands and no singing or emotion.

“In the following 85 minutes we want to show the alternative and show how fundamentally important a lively fan culture is for football. But our action in London is not only directed at ticket prices for a single game.”

At the clubs home ground the Allianz Arena fans pay just £22 for the cheapest tickets, but are often forced to pay much more when they travel their team abroad.

The statement added: “Over the course of a season, it adds up to a large sum, especially for younger fans.

“We express our support for campaigns like ’20’s Plenty’ from England and ‘Kein Zwanni’ in Germany. Especially the developments in English football should be a sobering example.”