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German daily tabloid newspaper Bild is today running a story that looks at several Premier League players that could make a possible summer move to the Allianz Arena.

Top of the list is Liverpool’s Raheem Sterling followed by Manchester United winger Angel Di Maria.

Bild make the point of saying that Sterling is on manager Pep Guardiols’s wish list of players he would like to sign, and that his brother, football agent Pere Guardiola has spoken to Sterling’s representatives who have made it clear that the 20-year-old wants to remain in the Premiership.

An alternative signing for the Bundesliga champions could be Argentinian international Angel Di Maria.

The German rag suggests that this could prove to be a much easier deal to get done, and the Bayern board has already discussed the possibility of approaching Manchester United to sound them out.

The newspaper points out that Guardiola would welcome Di Maria with open arms, but also points out the Bavarians are dreaming if they think there is a bargain to be had.