By Tom Finn

According to reports coming out of Israel the Jerusalem Post is saying Spanish football club FC Barcelona will not renew their sponsorship deal with the Qatari government regarding Doha’s role in funding terror organizations.

Barcelona’s jersey currently bears the insignia of the Qatar Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by top government officials in Doha.

The deal between the football club and the Qatari government was signed in December 2010 and has been worth 170 million euros a year for the Catalan giants.

Club management said that the deal was initially done to help alleviate a major debt that the club had at the time, and since 2013 the club jersey has borne the logo of Qatar Airways.

Qatar has recently been a hot topic in Israel after having extended its political and financial support to the Gaza-based Islamist movement Hamas.

Officials at the Nou Camp defended their original deal with Qatar claiming at the time the deal was signed the emirate was not considered as extreme as it is today.