Balotelli would like to play for Mourinho at Chelsea

The now 23-year-old Mario Balotelli has told the Sunday Mirror newspaper that he would not mind playing for a second spell under now Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho.
The bad boy of Italian football had previously played for Mourinho while he was manager at Inter Milan and was sold by the Inter boss to Manchester City after angrily throwing his jersey on the ground and storming off the pitch following a Champions League match with Barcelona back in 2010 when he was still a teenager.
Now playing back in Italy after yet more problems while at Manchester City with Roberto Mancini there was talk just a few weeks back that his current team AC Milan were wanting to sell him as well, which was soon denied by a club spokesperson.
“Of course I would like to play under Jose again said Balotelli”: “In my first days at Inter we had some problems, but then it turned into a mutual respect, and now we have a real friendship.
“It is never boring playing under Jose. When you are in Mourinho’s team it is a family and he coaches on the principal that if all is well with the family it doesn’t matter what is going on outside the team.”

This talk from Mario has the Mirror speculating that he might get his wish and be reunited with the “special one” in the summer given the facts that the Blues current youngest striker id Fernando Torres who is 29-years-old.  

 “I said when I left Manchester that the fans were so good to me that I couldn’t see myself playing for another team in England.

“I got great support from the Manchester City fans during my time there and I will always respect them.”

Below is a video of Jose Mourinho talking about coaching Mario and a funny incident that took place at Inter Milan.

Balotelli would like to play for Mourinho at Chelsea