Arsenal has managed to win just two of their four Premiership matches at home this season, while also suffering a shock loss at the Emirates to Greek side Olympiacos in the Champions League.

The Gunners have however been in better form on the road collecting three wins to help them move second in the Premier League.

While the soon to be 66-year-old manager admits that there is not such a huge difference in how the club is performing at home and away he did admit that the home record is not as good as it should be given the support of the home crowd.

He told Arsenal’s official website: “When you look at the history of all these games, most are decided by the first goal. A new scientific study within the Champions League last year found that, more than ever, the team who scores first wins.

“Why? Because it puts the team in a very strong position to be able to counter-attack, and that is the easiest way to attack without opening yourself up.

“Having said that, I think on a longer distance the current numbers about away games will be reversed. I recently read a scientific study that covered all types of sport and what came out was that home teams are still favourites to win games, and not because of the motivational factor of the players but purely because of the support of the crowd.

“In a variety of sports, they came to the scientific conclusion that the biggest advantage of the team that plays at home is the support of the crowd. That’s not my impression; it’s the result of a scientific study.

“They eliminated all the other factors that could come in. It was a simple conclusion – it’s the home support that gives the advantage of the team. This home support can also turn against the home team if you don’t start well and if you are 1-0 down, but it also shows that influence is very strong.”